Hope & Healing
From Mental Health Challenges
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Personalized outpatient addiction and mental health treatment programs
designed to promote lasting recovery.


A place where you can focus on mental health treatment and addiction recovery through specialized programming.

We offer different levels of care designed to support clients every step of the way as they work toward long-term mental well-being and recovery from addiction. At our Southampton drug rehab and mental health treatment center, you’ll find a warm, welcoming environment where you can work through the underlying causes and behaviors behind addiction. With individualized treatment plans, everyone is able to set and reach their own goals, finding a new way forward.

Our Philosophy

We make recovery happen.

Our most intensive level of care provides clients with daily treatment in order to begin building a strong foundation for sobriety.

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IOP is a step down from PHP level of care. IOP provides intensive group therapy to help cement healthy coping skills and tools learned throughout treatment.

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Outpatient programs provide continued treatment options without the intensity of the higher levels of care. It is important to remain connected to a treatment program to prevent relapse and continue to encourage healing.

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Our Philosophy

More About Promont

Our Southampton mental health treatment center and rehab facility was founded on the idea that addiction and mental health treatment should be effective and accessible to all. We can help our clients work toward long-term recovery by creating treatment plans that consider the unique needs of each individual. We offer a variety of therapies through different levels of care to ensure the best treatment for each client. When removing barriers to treatment, more members of our community can receive the healing they deserve. 

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Helping You Improve Your Life

  • Family Therapy

    Addiction can impact the entire family. Working with an experienced counselor can help you and your loved ones communicate more effectively, and rebuild trust.

  • Group Therapy 
    Addiction can impact the entire family. Working with an experienced counselor can help you and your loved ones communicate more effectively, and rebuild trust.

Stories of hope

What clients say about us...

“I’d like to thank Courtney from the bottom of my heart. She helped me through the scary process of getting into treatment and then treated me with respect and compassion. The treatment process was scary, vulnerable and uncomfortable, but she did everything she could to make me feel as comfortable as possible. I have become an active member of the recovery community and could not have done it without the guidance and expertise Courtney provided throughout treatment.”
Mike S.
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