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Bipolar Disorder

Promont Wellness is a bipolar disorder treatment center in Philadelphia that specializes in co-occurring disorder treatment.


Bipolar Disorder Treatment in Philadelphia

Bipolar disorders are a family of mood disorders that share some features in common with depression. These illnesses often occur on their own. However, many affected people also have severe drug or alcohol problems. The combination of bipolar illness and substance abuse problems is an example of what’s known as co-occurring disorders. As a rule, successful co-occurring disorders treatment is challenging. It requires a customized care plan carried out by experienced experts.

Need addiction and bipolar disorder treatment in Philadelphia? Look no further than the bipolar disorder treatment center at Promont Wellness. We specialize in personalized care plans for co-occurring disorders. That includes bipolar disorder therapy programs and substance abuse programs. With our support, you can learn how to stay sober while re-establishing your general mental well-being.

Understanding Bipolar Disorders

Bipolar disorders get their name from their two classic symptoms. One of these symptoms is mania. The other is depression. There are three primary bipolar conditions:

  • Bipolar I disorder
  • Bipolar II disorder
  • Cyclothymic disorder

Mania and depression are common to each of these illnesses. However, their forms vary from disorder to disorder. The most intense manic episodes occur in cases of bipolar I disorder. The most intense depressive episodes occur in people affected by either bipolar I or bipolar II disorder. In cyclothymic disorder, both manic and depressive symptoms are still damaging but relatively mild.


Bipolar Disorders and Substance Abuse Problems

How often does bipolar illness overlap with serious substance problems? Estimates vary from study to study. However, at least one-fifth of all people with bipolar disorder are affected at some point. Alcohol abuse problems are especially common.

By itself, bipolar disorder treatment can be complex. The same holds true for substance abuse treatment. When these two issues overlap, the challenge of effective recovery increases even more. That’s true because overlapping bipolar illness and addiction:

  • Can make you less responsive to treatment
  • Increase the odds that you will fail to complete treatment
  • Make it more likely that you will need to be hospitalized at some point

Nevertheless, you can recover from co-occurring disorders. To do this, you need a well-designed bipolar disorder therapy program. You also need a well-designed addiction treatment program in Bucks County.


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Combining Addiction and Bipolar Disorder Therapy Programs

How do combined addiction and bipolar disorder treatment work? An integrated approach is vital to your success. This approach supports your addiction recovery. At the same time, it also supports your recovery from bipolar disorder.

Fortunately, addiction and bipolar disorder treatment programs share some features. First, they make extensive use of options such as:

An addiction and bipolar disorder treatment center also relies on medication. Medication is a particular go-to option for bipolar illness. Many people receive an antidepressant. As a rule, this medication is combined with a mood stabilizer. You may also receive an antipsychotic.

Addiction medication is not as widely used. However, you’ll almost certainly receive one if you have opioid problems. The same holds true if you have alcohol abuse problems.


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Turn to Promont Wellness for Bipolar Disorder Treatment

Want to know more about addiction and bipolar disorder? Turn to the experts at Promont Wellness. We’ll explain in detail how these conditions can affect you. We’ll also explain how they interact.

Need bipolar disorder treatment in Philadelphia? Promont Wellness is a premier provider. We feature an addiction treatment center. We also feature a bipolar disorder treatment center. Every day, we combine these two options to support effective recovery. Contact our Philadelphia intensive outpatient program today at 866.939.4243 to learn more about how we can help. We’re also available through our online form.


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