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Individual Therapy

If you or someone you care about needs an individual counseling program in Pennsylvania, Promont Wellness is here to help.


Expert Individual Therapy Near Philadelphia

Addiction to drugs or alcohol is a widespread issue, with millions of Americans struggling with substance use disorder every year. Each individual who goes through the pain and stress of being addicted has a different story, so there is no one-size-fits-all program. Everyone who is battling addiction deserves access to the proper care and support necessary to start recovery. At Promont Wellness, we offer support for addiction to alcohol, opioids, cocaine, meth, or almost any other type of substance. We are committed to meeting each client where they are. Our addiction treatment therapy programs help clients build the skills and tools they need for long-term recovery.

If you or someone you care about needs an individual counseling program in Pennsylvania, Promont Wellness is here to help. We take an evidence-based approach and offer a number of treatments and therapies that have been proven through scientific research and decades of experience. An individual therapy program is part of our comprehensive treatment services. Our addiction treatment team will work with you to determine a proper treatment plan involving individual therapy. We’ll develop a program that addresses your specific needs, helping give you the fresh start you deserve. For more information, contact our addiction treatment center today at 866.939.4243.

What is individual therapy?

When you think of individual therapy, you may conjure up the image of a client lying down on a chaise longue, with the therapist sitting nearby in an armchair and writing on a notepad. During this type of therapy, a mental health professional works one-on-one with the client. The primary goal of individual therapy or psychotherapy is to increase the client’s understanding of their own thought process and behavioral patterns. Through this understanding, the hope is that the client can improve their mental and emotional well-being. Many people seek individual therapy for issues or mental health conditions that cannot be dealt with alone.

How does individual therapy fit into addiction treatment? While group therapy, family therapy, and 12-step programs are useful supplementary treatments, individual therapy is where the client is able to address the root causes of substance use disorders or mental health disorders. As part of a comprehensive treatment plan, individual therapy will generally take up the bulk of the time.


What to Expect from an Individual Therapy Session at Promont?

At Promont Wellness, we are committed to helping clients build the skills necessary for long-term, sustainable recovery. We tailor our individual therapy program to each client’s needs, allowing them to become more self-sufficient and giving them a fresh start in life. Each client’s individual therapy sessions are different, but in general, there are a couple of common features of individual therapy programs:


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If you’re ready to get started with individual therapy, our team is ready to help. Let Promont Wellness get you started on the road to recovery. We offer a variety of comprehensive addiction treatment programs, including individual therapy, to help you build a new, sober life. To get started, contact us at 866.939.4243 or via our online form and speak with a member of our admissions team. They’ll be able to walk you through the treatment options and address any concerns you may have.


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After we determine what treatment options work best for you, our patient advocates will assist you throughout the entire intake process from start to finish.


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