Depression Treatment

Promont Wellness is a dual diagnosis treatment center that offers depression treatment in Bucks County.


Depression Treatment in Bucks County

Major depression is America’s most common mental health condition, impacting more than 20 million people annually. In many cases, it occurs alongside serious drug or alcohol use habits. If you’re affected by depression and addiction, you may have what’s known as a co-occurring disorder. Effective dual diagnosis treatment in Philadelphia not only provides support for overcoming depression; it also helps you recover from your substance use disorder.

At Promont Wellness, we specialize in co-occurring disorders and depression treatment in Philadelphia. Our depression treatment program in Pennsylvania features client-focused, customized care. We’re dedicated to making recovery from depression and substance use a realistic goal for people from all walks of life. 

Understanding Depression

Depression is the common term for a group of conditions formally known as depressive illnesses. Almost three out of every four affected people have major depression. Its common symptoms include:

  • Continual feelings of sadness
  • A damaging sense of hopelessness, guilt, or helplessness
  • Loss of interest in everyday activities
  • Fatigue
  • Difficulty thinking clearly
  • Memory problems

As a rule, these symptoms take a persistent and sometimes severe form. They typically occur during distinct episodes that last for at least two weeks. Other depressive illnesses may not present symptoms of the same severity, but they can still affect those who experience them on most days or for years.


Medication at Our Depression Treatment Center in Philadelphia

Promont Wellness’s depression treatment center in Pennsylvania offers support for medication use and monitoring. The go-to options are a large, varied group of substances known as antidepressants. When you take an antidepressant, it increases the output of certain chemicals inside your brain. In turn, these chemicals can help ease the effects of depression. 

The antidepressant you receive may belong to any of several classes of medications. These classes include SSRIs, SNRIs, and MAOIs. They also include atypical antidepressants and tricyclic antidepressants. 

It’s important to keep certain things in mind when discussing antidepressants. First, you may need to try multiple medications before finding one that works for you. In addition, it can take a while before you can tell if any given option has a positive effect. Your doctor will support you throughout this process.

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Treatment in Our Depression Therapy Program in Philadelphia

We also feature a depression therapy program in Philadelphia. Your treatment plan may only include one or more kinds of therapy. However, it may also combine therapy with medication.

Today, cognitive-behavioral therapy is a common choice for depression treatment. This therapy can help you:

  • Take a more positive perspective in daily life
  • Gradually undo those habits
  • Take a more positive perspective in daily life
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Treating Co-Occurring Disorders

What if you have a co-occurring disorder? Your depression treatment plan will also include help for the specific addiction affecting you. Our team utilizes proven therapeutic techniques and additional activities to treat all forms of addiction. At Promont Wellness, we believe in treating the whole of a person, not just their addiction or mental health symptoms. Our holistic philosophy for depression treatment in Philadelphia sets us apart and allows our clients to find (and maintain) success.

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“I’d like to thank Courtney from the bottom of my heart. She helped me through the scary process of getting into treatment and then treated me with respect and compassion. The treatment process was scary, vulnerable and uncomfortable, but she did everything she could to make me feel as comfortable as possible. I have become an active member of the recovery community and could not have done it without the guidance and expertise Courtney provided throughout treatment.”

Mike S.

Seek Help From Our Depression Treatment Program in Philadelphia

If you or a loved one could benefit from depression treatment in Philadelphia, turn to the professionals at our intensive outpatient program in Philadelphia. We’re also your source for high-quality treatment of co-occurring disorders. Hope and healing are embedded into each program and therapy we offer to our clients.

No matter how you’re affected by depression, Promont Wellness can help. We feature modern treatment options backed by extensive research. We also feature a caring approach that emphasizes dignity and respect. Want more information? Just call us today at 866.535.3749. You can also contact us through our online form. Today is a great day to begin your depression recovery.