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Aftercare Planning

At Promont Wellness, we offer a comprehensive aftercare program, which you may enter after completing one of our primary rehab options.


What Happens After Rehab?

Substance use disorder treatment typically begins in primary rehabilitation. However, inpatient or outpatient addiction treatment programs are only part of a person’s recovery journey. Following the completion of rehab, the next step is aftercare. Addiction aftercare programs, also known as substance abuse aftercare, provide participants with ongoing access to the support and care they need for continued recovery.

At Promont Wellness, we offer a comprehensive aftercare program, which you may enter after completing one of our primary rehab options. Alternatively, you can enroll in aftercare following the completion of rehab at another facility. In either case, we’re committing to helping you succeed in your efforts to maintain your sobriety.

Why are Aftercare Programs Important?

Drugs and alcohol use disorders often cause lasting changes in the brain. These alterations to neurons and brain circuits may persist long after a person ceases using a substance. In primary rehab, patients begin the process of undoing these changes. However, since addiction is a chronic issue, symptoms may reappear at any point after clients finish their primary rehabilitation program. This risk may increase exponentially without a commitment to continued recovery after rehab.

The addiction aftercare program at Promont Wellness can help you stay vigilant about your recovery, reducing the risk of a relapse. Our treatment specialists may provide you with clearly defined options to reinforce your sobriety efforts. Our aftercare program can set you on a realistic path toward a sustainable substance-free lifestyle.

Some people choose to create and follow an aftercare plan without professional support. Though success is possible with this approach, aftercare resources provided by the team of treatment specialists at Promont Wellness can exponentially increase the chances of effective long-term recovery.


What Does an Aftercare Program Typically Entail?

People from all walks of life take part in primary rehabilitation. During and after rehab, the recovery needs of diverse clientele may vary drastically. The substance abuse aftercare program at Promont Wellness honors this vast range of patient requirements by providing multiple ways of participating. Specific options may include:

In addition, substance abuse aftercare may simplify the process of re-enrolling in formal rehab, should the need arise.


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What are the Benefits of Attending an Aftercare Program?

Substance abuse aftercare is an evidence-based approach to the promotion of ongoing sobriety. Addiction aftercare programs in Pennsylvania have clinically-proven advantages. Some possible benefits for the average participant include the following:

At Promont Wellness, our addiction specialists and public health experts understand the importance of these benefits. That’s why substance abuse aftercare is our standard recommendation for everyone in recovery.

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If you’re looking for an addiction aftercare program in Pennsylvania, talk to the professionals at Promont Wellness. We can provide timely, accurate information on our addiction aftercare program. With our help, you may find suitable options to include in your treatment plan that lead to successful long-term recovery.

Promont Wellness offers a full slate of substance abuse aftercare services. No matter your needs, we can match you with resources that support your continued sobriety efforts. We also offer multiple forms of outpatient treatment as part of primary rehab. To find out more, call us today at 866.939.4243. You can also fill out our brief online form.


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