Treatment for First Responders

First Responders

Our specialized programs are an ideal solution for those seeking addiction or mental health treatment for first responders. Contact Promont Wellness today to learn more.

First responders include but aren’t limited to 911 dispatchers, firefighters, law enforcement, rescue workers, paramedics, emergency room providers, and other professionals vital to our communities. Most first responders are directly affected by or witness traumatic events on a regular basis. 

Alongside taxing work hours, personal safety risks, and other components of your career, being a first responder can be taxing. That is why it’s vital for first responders to have a designated space for healing when they are the ones in need. 

If you’re a first responder seeking drug rehab tailored to your unique needs, you’ve come to the right place. Our first responders addiction treatment program is dedicated to providing specialized care that addresses the specific challenges faced by individuals in your profession. So, what key information should you be aware of?

The Importance of First Responders Dual Diagnosis, Substance Abuse, and Mental Health Treatment

Drug rehab for first responders must consider the specific needs and experiences of the population, which is one of many things that sets Promont Wellness apart. Some statistics on first responders differ by group and other influential research factors. For example, career firefighters and paramedics may experience addiction at different rates. What we see consistently is that first responders are often at a greater risk of concerns such as the following.

Burnout, insomnia, chronic stress, and anxiety are also prevalent among first responders. Long work hours, lack of sleep, and inadequate compensation are some factors that can contribute to increased levels of substance abuse and mental health concerns in this population. 

It is often cited that substances are used by first responders to cope with matters like work stress, PTSD, and depression symptoms, showing a need for support specific to this population. 

The good news? Research also shows that protective factors such as stress management, adaptability, and mental health support, can reduce or alleviate symptoms and risks. Additionally, we know from decades of evidence that therapy and treatment can help with the mental health and substance abuse-related concerns first responders face.

With the right tools and approach to treatment, first responders can overcome addiction and other mental health concerns. Our specialized program for first responders can help. At Promont Wellness, we address addiction and mental health through a whole-person perspective and help clients like you build individualized treatment plans to fit their personal needs. 

Here are some additional features that set us apart and make Promont Wellness an ideal fit for those seeking drug rehab for first responders:

Health insurance can help you cover drug rehab for first responders. To verify your health insurance coverage for treatment at Promont Wellness, give us a call or complete the insurance verification form on our Admissions page. Promont Wellness works with most health insurance plans. If you are not sure how to pay for treatment, we can help you explore ways to cover treatment costs.

While our addiction treatment programs are all conducted on an outpatient basis, Promont Wellness offers multiple levels of care. That way, you or the person in your life seeking drug rehab for first responders can choose the right treatment trajectory. Following insurance verification, the next step in the admissions process is an intake assessment that will help you decide on one of the following care levels. Please contact us for a full list of updated treatment options and services.

Our partial hospitalization program, or PHP, is the highest level of care at Promont Wellness. First responders in our partial hospitalization program will attend treatment most week days for more total treatment hours per week than clients in our other care levels. Your PHP schedule will consist of regular groups, individual therapy, family sessions (planned based on your needs and what you opt into), and other services. PHP is ideal for those who want comprehensive care but don’t require the around-the-clock support of an inpatient treatment program.

Our intensive outpatient program, or IOP, for first responders is the next step down from PHP. First responders in IOP can expect a reduced time commitment compared to those in PHP. However, you’ll still engage in a structured treatment schedule with multiple sessions throughout the week as an IOP client. IOP provides increased flexibility and more time to fulfill obligations like work or caring for your family. First responders can select IOP as a starting level of care, but it can and often is used to help clients transition out of a higher care level.

Outpatient programs have the lowest time commitment. Our outpatient program is designed to help you transition out of a higher level of care smoothly so that you can continue learning new skills and get support from treatment staff as you apply them to your daily life.

You or the first responder in your life can find hope and healing at Promont Wellness. To learn more about drug rehab for first responders in Pennsylvania at Promont Wellness, contact us today. Call our admissions line at 866.545.9552 or complete and submit the contact form on our website, and our staff will respond shortly.