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If you’re looking for a sober living rehab in Pennsylvania, consider a treatment program at Promont Wellness for drug and alcohol addiction.


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At Promont Wellness, we understand that the journey to recovery from addiction is not a solitary one. We recognize the vital role that stable, supportive environments play in the process of healing. That’s why we are thrilled to introduce our new sober housing options, designed to provide a compassionate haven for individuals seeking to rebuild their lives after addiction.

Promont Wellness is a top-rated drug rehab in Southampton, Pennsylvania. Contact our treatment center today to learn more about how we can help you or a loved one find compassionate addiction treatment and effective transitional housing options.

How Is Addiction Treated?

Addiction is complicated, and there’s not one determining factor to its development. Instead, when people develop an addiction to drugs or alcohol, there are often multiple factors converging with one another. For example, brain chemistry and genetics, experiences and environment, and mental and physical health can all play a role in the risk of developing an addiction.

A rehab program should include individualized and holistic treatment plans when someone has an addiction. You’re not just substance abuse—you’re a whole person, and treatment must reflect your multifaceted needs.

Treatment programs need to be based on research and a scientific understanding of addiction, but there must also be a sense of compassion, human connection, and social support.

Behavioral therapies are often the foundation of an addiction treatment program and many other therapies, including medication, support group participation, and holistic therapies.

If you’re seeking an inpatient drug rehab in Pennsylvania or nearby, we encourage you to learn more about our programs at Promont Wellness, which are individualized to each person’s needs.


Embracing the Power of Supportive Housing

Promont Wellness believes in the transformative power of community and support. Our Pennsylvania supportive housing program goes beyond traditional treatment models by offering individuals a safe, nurturing space where they can heal, grow, and thrive. We understand that the path to recovery is unique for each person, and our supportive housing options in PA are tailored to accommodate diverse needs and backgrounds.

Our Philadelphia supportive housing facilities are more than just spaces to reside—they are communities built on empathy, respect, and encouragement. Residents of Promont Wellness supportive housing find not only a secure place to call home but also a network of individuals who understand their struggles and triumphs. This shared understanding fosters a sense of belonging, which is essential for building self-esteem and confidence.

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Comprehensive Support Services

What sets our transitional housing program apart is the array of comprehensive support services we provide. Residents have access to expert counselors, therapists, and support staff who are available around the clock. The team at our Bucks County drug rehab center works collaboratively to create individualized support plans, addressing addiction recovery, mental health, employment, education, and life skills development. We believe in equipping our residents with the tools they need to reintegrate into society successfully.

Promont Wellness’ supportive housing emphasizes holistic healing. In addition to evidence-based addiction treatment, residents have the opportunity to participate in various therapeutic activities such as art therapy, yoga, mindfulness sessions, and group counseling. These activities promote self-discovery, emotional healing, and stress reduction, fostering a sense of purpose and fulfillment.

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What clients say about us...

“I’d like to thank Courtney from the bottom of my heart. She helped me through the scary process of getting into treatment and then treated me with respect and compassion. The treatment process was scary, vulnerable and uncomfortable, but she did everything she could to make me feel as comfortable as possible. I have become an active member of the recovery community and could not have done it without the guidance and expertise Courtney provided throughout treatment.”
Mike S.

Why Choose Promont Wellness For Sober Living?

One of our supportive housing program’s core values is empowering residents to envision and work towards a brighter future. Through vocational training, job placement assistance, and educational support, individuals in our program gain the skills and confidence necessary to pursue meaningful employment and contribute positively to society. Promont Wellness acts as a bridge, connecting our residents with opportunities that enable them to rebuild their lives with purpose and pride. At Promont Wellness, we are dedicated to the long-term success of our residents. Our supportive housing program includes aftercare services and ongoing support, ensuring that individuals have a strong support system even after they transition back into independent living. We believe in nurturing lasting connections and providing resources that empower our alumni to maintain their recovery and achieve their goals.
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What Are the Benefits of Transitional Housing in Southampton?

Transitional housing can play a crucial role in the journey to recovery from addiction. These structured, supportive environments offer clients a stepping stone between treatment and fully independent living. Here are several key benefits of transitional housing in the recovery process:

Stability and Structure

Transitional housing provides a stable and structured environment, which is essential for individuals in early recovery. It establishes daily routines, curfews, and house rules, creating a sense of predictability that aids in rebuilding a disciplined lifestyle.

Peer Support and Accountability: 

Living in a community of individuals who are also in recovery provides a strong support system. Peer interactions offer understanding, empathy, and encouragement, fostering a sense of belonging and reducing feelings of isolation. Additionally, residents hold each other accountable for their actions, reinforcing a commitment to sobriety.

Continued Therapy and Counseling

Transitional housing often integrates therapy and counseling sessions into the daily routine. This ongoing therapeutic support helps residents address underlying issues, develop coping strategies, and learn essential life skills. Access to professional counseling within a supportive environment is invaluable for sustained recovery.

Safe and Drug-Free Environment

Transitional housing environments are drug-free zones, providing a safe haven for individuals striving to maintain their sobriety. By removing triggers and temptations commonly found in the outside world, residents can focus on their recovery without the risk of relapse.

Skill Development

Transitional housing programs offer various skill-building opportunities. From budgeting and time management to job hunting and resume writing, residents learn practical skills that are essential for independent living. These skills enhance self-sufficiency, boosting residents’ confidence in their ability to reintegrate into society successfully.

Gradual Reintegration

Transitional housing allows for a gradual reintegration into the community. Residents can seek employment, attend 12-step meetings, and participate in social activities while having the security of a supportive home to return to. This gradual reintegration helps individuals build confidence and resilience in real-world situations.

For those transitioning from inpatient or intensive outpatient treatment, transitional housing bridges the gap between the highly structured treatment environment and independent living. It eases individuals into the responsibilities and challenges of everyday life while providing a safety net of support.

Relapse Prevention

Studies show that individuals who participate in supportive housing programs are less likely to relapse compared to those who return directly to their previous environments after treatment. The structured and supportive nature of transitional housing provides a buffer against the challenges of early recovery, reducing the risk of relapse.

Sense of Purpose

Transitional housing encourages residents to set goals and work towards them. Whether it’s pursuing education, finding employment, or mending relationships, having a supportive community cheering for their achievements gives residents a sense of purpose and direction. This motivation significantly contributes to long-term recovery.

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Promont Wellness supportive housing is not just a place to stay; it’s a haven of hope, a nurturing environment where individuals can embark on a transformative journey toward renewal and fulfillment. We invite you to take the first step towards a brighter future by joining our supportive community. Together, we can overcome the challenges of addiction and build a life filled with purpose, connection, and endless possibilities.

Promont Wellness is a dual diagnosis treatment center in Philadelphia.

Contact us today to learn more about our supportive housing options and how Promont Wellness can be the foundation upon which you rebuild your life. Your journey to renewal starts here—with us, your dedicated partners in recovery and transformation.