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Motivational Interviewing

Many people who struggle with substance use disorders are reluctant to seek help. Fortunately, motivational interviewing therapy may assist people in these situations.


Motivational Interviewing for Addiction

Many people who struggle with substance use disorders are reluctant to seek help. Even after enrolling in rehab, participants often have mixed feelings. Additionally, a lack of confidence in recovery can make treatment more challenging for those who experience addiction symptoms. Fortunately, motivational interviewing therapy may assist people in these situations. These addiction therapy programs help clients gain clarity and engage more thoroughly in their recovery.

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What is motivational interviewing therapy?

Mixed feelings about addiction treatment are common. On the one hand, people might believe they can benefit from seeking care. On the other, they may feel hesitant about getting treatment. Change is difficult for anyone but is often incredibly challenging for those recovering from a substance use disorder. A person with conflicted feelings about treatment might not fully commit to their recovery, reducing the chances of getting and staying sober.

Motivational interviewing therapy, or MI therapy programs, at Promont Wellness can help resolve this dilemma. Our therapists understand that helping people doesn’t involve forcing them to change. Instead, it involves empowerment and acceptance. By helping participants embrace their own ability to change, we’re able to guide them to lasting recovery.

While our motivational interviewing program is tailored to the needs of each client, our therapists are committed to:

  • Showing genuine empathy
  • Supporting participants’ belief in their ability to change
  • Not responding negatively if a person is resistant to treatment

Therapists in these programs help those who experience addiction symptoms see for themselves how their resistance might conflict with their recovery. As a result, people who experience addiction symptoms may become more receptive to treatment, increasing the odds of successful recovery.


Why Should I Enter a MI Therapy Program in Philadelphia?

Having mixed feelings about treatment is one of many potential reasons for enrolling in motivational interviewing therapy. These programs also help people who know they want treatment build confidence in their ability to change. Additionally, if a person is hesitant to change, MI therapy programs may make them more driven to transform. Through motivational interviewing therapy, recovery frequently becomes the highest priority in participants’ lives.


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Therapists use a range of techniques in MI therapy programs. Core methods include:

Motivational interviewing therapists help clients see their unique challenges from different, more hopeful perspectives, which can lead to effective recovery.


How to Get Help

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Once you contact us, we will get to know more about you and your personal needs when seeking treatment, including a free insurance verification.


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After we determine what treatment options work best for you, our patient advocates will assist you throughout the entire intake process from start to finish.


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Turn to Promont Wellness for Motivational Interviewing Therapy in Pennsylvania

Motivational interviewing therapy is not merely wishful thinking. These programs are evidence-based; their foundation is research and proven results. In all forms of addiction treatment, the evidence-based designation is the gold standard in terms of efficacy. Most people who participate in MI therapy in Pennsylvania make substantial gains and overcome at least some, if not all, of their resistance to treatment.

Want to know more about motivational interviewing therapy in Pennsylvania? The caring professionals at Promont Wellness will happily discuss how this therapy works and give you more details. Based on your specific situation and needs, we can also explain the potential benefits of seeking MI therapy in Pennsylvania.

Promont Wellness specializes in providing evidence-based motivational interviewing therapy in Pennsylvania. Our goal is to help clients engage more fully and confidently in treatment for substance use disorders. We offer several levels of outpatient care so that participants in our programs have the support they need at every stage of their recovery journey. To enroll in treatment or learn more, call us today at 866.939.4243 or complete our online form.