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Schizophrenia Treatment in Philadelphia

If you develop schizophrenia, you have a lifelong condition that significantly alters your relationship with everyday reality. This alteration can never be fully undone. However, with help, you can limit its effects on your ability to function. For many people with schizophrenia, problems with addictive substances are also a serious concern. If you experience these problems, you’ll find it unusually difficult to recover from them. The same is true for your efforts to control your schizophrenia symptoms.

How do recovery specialists address the destabilizing impact of drug and alcohol problems in people with schizophrenia? The best course of action is to provide you with co-occurring disorder treatment. That’s the name for a treatment approach that helps you get sober as you also work to restore your mental health. 

Do you or your loved one need rehab and schizophrenia treatment in Philadelphia? Call on the local specialists at Promont Wellness. Promont is based in Southampton, PA, a location that provides easy access for residents of greater Philadelphia. With our customized co-occurring disorder treatment, you can make real progress toward schizophrenia recovery. At the same time, you can take the steps you need to reestablish a functional, sober lifestyle.

Understanding Schizophrenia and Schizophrenic Illness

In its untreated form, schizophrenia is typically one of the most severe forms of mental illness. That’s true because it produces a range of symptoms that strain your connection to the world around you. Some of these symptoms lead to changes in your thoughts and perceptions such as:

  • Hallucinations affecting one or more of your senses
  • Delusions, i.e., demonstrably false beliefs that seem true to you
  • Confused speech and thought processes
  • Psychotic episodes that can feature hallucinations, delusions, or confused thoughts and speech
  • You may also experience an unusual loss of some of your normal abilities. Potential areas of lost ability include your emotional expressiveness and sense of pleasure. They also include your verbal communication skills and desire to interact with others. Suicidal behavior is also a common element of the illness.

As a rule, the onset of schizophrenia is a gradual process. You can limit the development of this process by seeking treatment when initial symptoms first appear. This early response benefits you in two ways. First, it makes it easier to protect your functional abilities. It also simplifies the task of reducing the impact of any symptoms you eventually experience.


Other Forms of Schizophrenic Illness

Schizophrenia is the most well-known of a group of related illnesses. Another condition that features similar symptoms is schizoaffective disorder. This disorder produces schizophrenia-like bouts of psychosis. It also produces symptoms more commonly associated with depression and bipolar disorder.

Have additional questions about schizophrenia or its related conditions? Get them answered today by the professionals at Promont Wellness.


The Potential Role of Schizophrenia Treatment in Drug and Alcohol Recovery

You are far more likely to develop a substance problem than schizophrenia. Still, there is an unusually high rate of this mental illness in people affected by addiction. What explains this level of overlap? That depends on the specifics of your situation. Some people face significant issues with drugs or alcohol before their schizophrenic symptoms first begin to manifest. Such issues may include:

  • Clinical addiction
  • Diagnosable substance abuse that doesn’t qualify as clinical addiction
  • An excessive level of substance use that sets the stage for future diagnosable problems


However, you may also start using drugs or alcohol in problematic ways after the onset of schizophrenia. The ties between addiction and schizophrenia are further reinforced by genetic factors common to both conditions. 

Whichever condition affects you first, co-occurring schizophrenia and addiction are major concerns. Why? As with all co-occurring disorders, the two illnesses tend to amplify each other’s negative impact. This leads to consequences that can include:

  • Intensified symptoms of both conditions affecting you
  • A greater loss of function that schizophrenia or addiction would produce on its own
  • Increased difficulty in providing effective treatment


Promont Wellness’ rehab and schizophrenia treatment center helps you overcome these notable obstacles to your recovery. We do so by providing comprehensive schizophrenia resources alongside your substance treatment services. What’s more, we synchronize each aspect of your care so that schizophrenia treatment in Philadelphia focuses on your total well-being. Call us today to get more information on our approach to treating co-occurring disorders.

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Your Options for Schizophrenia Treatment in Philadelphia

No form of treatment can cure schizophrenia. Instead, the goal is helping you achieve health-promoting results such as:

  • Relieving your symptoms as much as possible
  • Making you less susceptible to future schizophrenic episodes
  • Supporting your daily function and helping you improve it 

What are the methods used in our schizophrenia treatment center to provide you with these kinds of results? One essential resource is antipsychotic medication. Some people receive medicines classified as first-generation antipsychotics (FGAs). Others receive second-generation antipsychotics (SGAs). Neither option is necessarily better than the other. The better choice depends on the details of your circumstances. 

Psychotherapy is a second crucial resource for schizophrenia treatment. Specific options that may help you include:

  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy
  • Supportive therapy

You can use this form of treatment to achieve multiple recovery objectives. For example, you can potentially improve your ability to function. You can also use it to lower your chances of experiencing psychotic episodes triggered by stress. In addition, therapy may help you follow other elements of your recovery plan. Additional valuable elements of such a plan include life skills training and community support.

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Do you or someone you know have schizophrenia combined with substance abuse or addiction? You can recover with help from a targeted co-occurring disorder program. Such a program provides multiple options for limiting schizophrenia’s damaging effects. It also provides multiple options for drug and alcohol treatment. Need this kind of combined schizophrenia treatment in Philadelphia? Turn to the local professionals at Promont Wellness. Our customized programs feature extensive support for your mental health recovery. They also provide the same level of care for your symptoms of substance abuse/addiction. Just contact us today to learn more about our locally available services.
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