Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

A CBT program in Pennsylvania can not only help you recover from addiction. It can also support your recovery from the effects of other serious mental health issues.


CBT Therapy Near Philadelphia, PA

In the 21st century, psychotherapy is the main component of effective addiction treatment. However, the therapy options of today are not the same as those in times past. First, they’re backed by extensive scientific research. They’re also proven to work for most people with drug or alcohol problems. The single most widely used form of this treatment is cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT). A CBT program in Pennsylvania can not only help you recover from addiction. It can also support your recovery from the effects of other serious mental health issues.

At Promont Wellness, we feature CBT among our full range of addiction treatment services. We also feature the therapy as part of our treatment plans for co-occurring mental illness. Our customized cognitive-behavioral therapy program in Pennsylvania provides crucial support for your progress toward stable everyday health.

What exactly is CBT?

CBT takes a practical, goal-oriented approach to psychotherapy. Its chief areas of focus are:

  • Identifying thoughts and emotional reactions that trigger or reinforce your problems
  • Recognizing behaviors that have the same effect on you
  • Undoing your damaging habits of thinking, reacting, and behaving
  • Giving you the tools to create healthier habits of mind and behavior

Compared to many other forms of therapy, CBT lasts for a relatively brief amount of time. As a rule, each weekly session of the therapy lasts for 30 minutes to an hour. Most people complete CBT for addiction treatment in roughly 12 to 24 total weeks. 


The Benefits of CBT Therapy in Philadelphia, PA

A plan that includes CBT can help you recover from most forms of addiction. In fact, the therapy was originally developed for this purpose. The potential benefits of CBT for addiction treatment include helping you:

These benefits are not just limited to your time in treatment. They typically remain in effect long after treatment ends. 

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The Advantages of Using CBT Therapy in Treatment

The goals of CBT for mental health treatment are similar to those of CBT for addiction. However, the focus is on undoing the negative effects of the specific illness affecting you. 

Research shows that CBT can help you recover from a wide range of mental health conditions. The list of these conditions includes anxiety disorders and depression. It also includes eating disorders, personality disorders, and PTSD. In addition, the therapy supports recovery from obsessive-compulsive disorder and ADHD. When used along with appropriate medication, CBT can also help in the treatment of schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. 

Millions of Americans have overlapping symptoms of addiction and other mental health issues. Doctors refer to all such combinations as co-occurring disorders. CBT is uniquely well-suited to treatment plans for these kinds of disorders. That’s due to its usefulness in both addiction and mental illness recovery. Your plan may also include other therapy options. In addition, it may include medication. 

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Looking for CBT in the greater Philadelphia area? Contact the specialists at Promont Wellness. Effective CBT plays an essential role in many of our treatment plans. That’s true if you’re affected by addiction. It’s also true if you have a co-occurring disorder.

Promont Wellness is committed to providing top-notch addiction and mental health care. We’re also committed to making that care accessible to a diverse range of communities. No matter your situation, our customized solutions help support positive outcomes. To get started, call us today at 866.939.4243. You can also reach us through our brief online message form.

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