Access AmeriHealth-covered rehab in Pennsylvania with Promont Wellness for effective addiction treatment and support.

AmeriHealth Drug Rehab Coverage

If you live in Pennsylvania, you’re about as likely to have a substance problem as the average American. Just as in other places, your best option for addressing this kind of problem is enrollment in a formal rehab program. However, despite this acknowledged fact, less than 10% of affected Pennsylvanians are in treatment at any given time. What explains this surprising situation? In some cases, the main issue is an inability to pay for an appropriate substance rehab program.

With the help of health insurance, you can get around the financial barriers to mental health treatment as well as drug or alcohol rehab. But that’s only true if your chosen treatment facility accepts coverage from your insurance provider. For thousands of Pennsylvanians, that provider is AmeriHealth. 

Are you or your loved one looking for a facility that accepts your AmeriHealth drug rehab coverage? Call on the regional recovery experts at Promont Wellness. You can use an assortment of insurance plans to pay for the services you receive at Promont. That includes plans issued by AmeriHealth.

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The ABCs of AmeriHealth Insurance

AmeriHealth was established in the mid-90s to provide employer-based health insurance in the Delaware Valley. It still maintains this mission today, in addition to providing services to residents of three neighboring states. In other states, the company offers individual and family plans, as well as employer-based plans. But in Pennsylvania, the focus is on employer-based health insurance services. A separate branch of the company, AmeriHealth Caritas, provides services for almost 200,000 low-income and chronically ill Pennsylvanians.  

AmeriHealth Employer Insurance Networks Operating in Pennsylvania

Several AmeriHealth employer-based insurance networks are available in Southeastern Pennsylvania. The specific network you have access to may include:

  • Value Plus EPO/PPO
  • Value Plus POS NG
  • AmeriHealth Advantage RP
  • AmeriHealth Advantage 3 Tier
  • AmeriHealth Advantage with Value Plus with New York Access
  • Regional Preferred EPO/PPO
  • Regional Preferred POS NG
  • AmeriHealth HMO

Each of these networks has its own rules for participating employers and their employees. Those rules may affect your choice of treatment providers. They can also affect the number of states in which you can seek covered treatment. In addition, they may affect the cost of the services you receive via your insurance plan. 

The general category your insurance plan falls into can have a particularly big impact. For example, an EPO (exclusive provider organization):

  • Only allows you to use your AmeriHealth coverage at in-network providers and facilities
  • Doesn’t make you stick with a single primary doctor or get a doctor’s referral before seeing a specialist

HMOs (health maintenance organizations) also require the use of in-network providers. In addition, they may require doctor referrals or restrict coverage to people who reside in their service areas. A PPO (preferred provider organization) has looser rules when it comes to choosing your doctor or facility. For example, you can receive partial coverage for out-of-network services. 

A POS (point-of-service) plan blends some of the characteristics of other options. You have ready access to out-of-network treatment providers. However, you pay less for in-network coverage. Doctor referrals are the norm if you want to see a specialist. 

AmeriHealth Caritas

AmeriHealth Caritas offers a range of options for Pennsylvanians who qualify for its services. Depending on your situation, those options may include:

  • Managed care through Medicaid
  • A Medicare plan
  • Dual plans that include both Medicaid and Medicare
  • Family and individual plans offered through Pennie, the state’s Healthcare Exchange

An AmeriHealth representative can help you identify suitable coverage options. You can also check the options offered by your employer. Consult the staff at Promont Wellness if you have questions about how we work with AmeriHealth plans. 

AmeriHealth Drug Rehab Coverage and Alcohol Rehab Coverage

Substance problems are categorized in specific ways by doctors and health insurance companies. Doctors categorize them as an officially defined condition called substance use disorder (SUD). As you might expect, the SUD definition includes clinical addiction. But it also includes substance abuse marked by:

  • The absence of clinical addiction
  • The presence of drug- or alcohol-related symptoms that nevertheless decrease your ability to stay functional in daily life

All SUDs are mental health conditions that can have serious physical effects.

The health insurance industry typically categorizes substance problems as behavioral health issues. An issue of this sort changes your behavior in ways that substantially decrease your function and well-being. It may stem from the use of drugs or alcohol. It may also stem from the effects of other kinds of mental health conditions.

AmeriHealth provides considerable support for behavioral health treatment. It also supports your efforts to restore physical wellness, as well as mental wellness. All Pennsylvania AmeriHealth plans give you access to doctors and treatment facilities operating in greater Philadelphia. 

AmeriHealth also offers certain recovery resources that you might not find at all insurance companies. For example, you have 24/7 access to behavioral health case managers who can guide you through each phase of your treatment. You also have access to customer care advocates. These advocates provide screening services that help clarify the problems affecting you. They also make sure that the treatments you receive for those problems are appropriate for your needs. 

Promont Wellness specializes in all forms of outpatient treatment for SUDs and additional mental health issues. You can use your applicable AmeriHealth addiction treatment coverage to pay for any of these services. Be aware that your specific level of coverage depends on the details of your employer-based plan. Talk to us today to find out more about how we work with AmeriHealth’s advocates and case managers. 

Using Your AmeriHealth Services

All AmeriHealth ID cards contain contact information for anyone in need of substance treatment. You can use this information to reach a customer care advocate and get the process started. You can also contact the admissions staff at Promont Wellness for additional guidance. We’re committed to simplifying your entry into our customized treatment programs.

Make Promont Your Provider for AmeriHealth Drug Rehab Coverage in Pennsylvania

AmeriHealth drug rehab coverage and alcohol rehab coverage are employer-based services in Pennsylvania. A total of eight plans are available to the state’s employers. The specific plan available to you will help you meet at least some of the expense of substance rehab. The savings you receive can help make your required treatment more affordable and cost-effective.

Need an AmeriHealth treatment center conveniently located near you? Turn to Promont Wellness. We’re based in Southampton just north of Philadelphia. Every day, we help the region’s residents use their health insurance to pay for their substance rehab services. That includes residents relying on AmeriHealth for their coverage. Ready to make use of your coverage? Contact us today to get the admissions process started.