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Answers to your questions about treatment at Promont Wellness.


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What are the steps of the admissions process?

A client will have full support throughout the admissions process. Once contact is made, insurance verification takes place and the client is fully informed on financial responsibility or lack thereof. Clinical services are described in detail to ensure we are a good fit for the client. Clients are typically scheduled for intake evaluation within 1 to 2 days after contact is made. A potential client will meet with a clinician to complete the evaluation and discuss next steps in starting programming.

Do you offer financial assistance?

We will never allow finances to be a barrier to treatment so we are happy to discuss financial responsibility with each client.

Does Promont Wellness accept insurances?

Promont is current accepting out of network insurance policies. We are in the process of contracting with different insurance companies.

What are your private pay costs?

Evaluation - $250

Partial Hospitalization - $450/day

Intensive Outpatient - $300/session

Outpatient - $200/session 

Initial Psych Evaluation - $200

Follow Up Psych Appt - $150

How is Promont Wellness different from other programs?

Promont Wellness offers a small, intimate environment, in a beautiful, newly renovated facility, where clients can come in feeling supported and receive the individualized care they need.   Clients have flexibility to build programming around their schedules. All clients are treated with dignity and respect and receive clinical services that best support their needs.

What happens if my loved one is not ready for treatment but needs it?

We will do our best to support potential clients and inform them of the treatment process and what to expect. We are happy to stay in touch with potential clients and family members so that when a loved one is ready for treatment, we are ready to support their recovery journey.

What happens if I have a pending legal issue?

We have therapists on staff who are available to provide support throughout one’s legal journey. It can be difficult to navigate, scary to face and triggering to anyone in early recovery. Promont staff will coordinate with legal entities, such as probation and parole officers, as appropriate.

What happens if I need transportation?

Transportation needs are taken into consideration on a client-by-client basis. Again, we do not want transportation or finances to be a barrier to treatment so we will do what we can to help coordinate such services.

What if a client has work or school? Can you work around my schedule?

Promont currently offers daytime programming. We have flexibility to work within day-time hours, Monday through Friday. We are in the process of hiring an evening therapist so that we can offer evening programming to better accommodate client’s busy schedules.

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Common questions about the program at Promont Wellness.

What therapies do you provide?

Group and Individual therapy - Living in Balance, Seeking Safety, DBT skills, CBT skills, Motivational Interviewing, Trauma focused groups.

How often do clients attend therapy?

In PHP, clients attend group therapy sessions daily. They will also meet with their primary clinician, individually, at least twice per week. In IOP, clients will attend group therapy at least three days per week and meet with their primary clinician, individually, at least once per week.

What types of aftercare planning do you offer?

Clients are encouraged to engage in aftercare and stay in contact with staff at Promont. Once appropriate, we will have an alumni program in place that keep clients in contact with one other, offering peer support to current and past clients.

How long can I expect to be in treatment?

PHP averages about a month, followed by step down to IOP, lasting about two months and then to GOP which can be ongoing per client needs.

Is my treatment confidential?

There are laws and regulations in place so that everyone’s treatment is kept confidential. Client’s will be asked to sign a Release of Information for anyone they may want or need to release information to regarding their treatment.

How many times a week will I receive individual therapy?

PHP – at least 2 times per week

IOP – at least once per week

How will my treatment plan be decided?

Clients and therapist will work together to comprise a treatment plan that reflects the wants and needs of each client as an individual. Every client’s treatment plan will look different as each person’s recovery is very individualized.

How will my family participate in treatment?

Family members are encouraged to participate in a loved one’s treatment to the extent they are comfortable. Collaboration with close family is always encouraged. The importance of family support is discussed with clients throughout treatment, starting at intake. A family support group will be offered so that family members receive similar support that clients do, having others with shared experiences to share and learn from.

Is there a Psychiatrist on staff?

We currently do not have a psychiatrist on staff, but we do have an Nurse Practitioner who’s been practicing in the Addictions field for 20+ years. She is well versed in working with clients with substance use disorders as well as co-occurring disorders.

What can I expect from the facilities?

Promont Wellness is a beautiful, newly renovated facility, in a suburban area close to public transportation, shopping attractions and plenty of employment opportunities. Client’s are encouraged to gain sober support throughout their treatment and Promont is within close proximity to the recovery hub of Bucks County.